Sack packaging machine - mod. CCMB400



The CCMB400 machine - sturdy and reliable, with just a few simple settings on the touch screen to select the format (No.12+12 memory stored programs) - automatically produces air cushions for filling, in 6 different formats, arising from two 420 mm reels of co-extruded film (up to 3 colours are printable), with thickness values of 45 and 65my. The machine automatically rewinds them in handy rolls, easy to store and transport, or it pre-cuts them into handy sheets ready for use.

The packing material consists of 98% air and produces volume per reel which varies according to the selected cushion format. Economic, Ecological, Recyclable, Re-usable, and Clean, air cushions guarantee excellent filling and adequate protection for all your products. They also enable you to definitively reduce packing material volume in your warehouse (polystyrene foam chips and sheets, shaped elements in polystyrene and polyethylene foam, bubble wrap sheets, Foam, etc.), as well as reducing transport costs. Moreover, your customers can dispose of packing waste simply and economically, in cases where the air cushions are not re-used (Volume reduced to 2% during disposal).

Easy to separate transversally thanks to the perforation, the air cushions adapt to your packing, lining and binding your product to ensure perfect, long lasting protection, and blocking it inside your cardboard box.

By now numerous applications can be found in all sectors of industry and commerce, because the packing system is suitable for all medium and large users.




Length (including Rewinder) 2.570 mm.
Width 1.020 mm.
Height (including Rewinder) 1.595 mm.
Machine weight 355 Kg.
Dimensions of packed machine 1200 x 1500 x 1300 mm.
Weight of packed machine 390 Kg.

Power supply

380V / 50 Hz

Electrical absorption

400V / 16A

Air consumption

75 NI/min. (Max)

Cushion production

2-5 mc/h